Autobiographical Documentaries


Everyone's life is filled with interesting stories that need to be captured and preserved while they're still here. Legacy is important, so your stories, as only you can tell them, can be passed to the next generation and beyond in a 13-15 Autobiographical Documentary produced by LifeWellLived.

When you sit down with us, we'll record audio as you tell your life story. We'll ask the important questions and allow you to weave your own narrative. We'll then scan photographs that you provide and use those images to accompany your audio. When we're finished, your story will be told in a 12-15 minute video, guided by our professional narrator, and accompanied by a beautiful soundtrack provided by our studio musicians.

The finished video will be a lasting centerpiece that you, your family, and your friends will cherish and share for decades. When it's time for your Celebration of Life, can you imagine a better way to celebrate than you telling your story as photos illustrate your words?

This isn't a slideshow with stock music played over images fading in and out of each other. It's a short film, and you're the star.

Your 15-minute documentary will be made available in digital format, DVD, or via an online stream. However you want to watch it, we'll provide a way.

This isn't about fame. It's about preserving your legacy for future generations. Your documentary will be cherished in your family forever.

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Life Well Lived® Celebration Videos

Just three simple steps to your LifeWellLived® Celebration Video:

1) Schedule your family consult
The family consult is what sets your LifeWellLived® Celebration Video apart from anything else you'll ever see. Our founder, Darrell McGowan, is one of the world's most experienced memorial celebrants, and he or one of his staff will patiently guide you in telling your loved one's story. After you complete your consult, Darrell will personally write the narrative of your loved one's life. Darrell or another professional speaker will then record the narrative. Finally, we will incorporate excerpts from your consult into your video so everyone can hear your best memories told in your voices!

2) Send us your pictures and videos
• You can easily upload digital photos and digital video to a private, secure web address we will provide. If you need help at any point in the process, you can just scroll to the bottom of this page where you'll find our contact information.
• You can also take your old photos to a local business so they can be scanned and uploaded to us. We can help you find local providers of those services, and we'll facilitate them uploading your scanned images directly to us.

3) Choose your music and fill out your LifeWellLived® Values List
We offer a number of options for music to be featured in your Celebration Video, so you'll find something that's perfect for you. We'll also build custom titling for your LifeWellLived® Celebration Video based on the virtues you select.

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Virtual Memorial Celebrations

A Virtual Memorial Celebration™ is so much more than a memorial service or funeral. It's a celebration of a life well lived! And best of all, you can host a Virtual Memorial Celebration wherever and whenever you choose!

When you click "Start" to begin your Virtual Memorial Celebration™ our founder, Darrell McGowan, or one of our other gifted memorial celebrants will welcome everyone to a celebration of your loved one's life, speak to the importance of telling stories, and set the tone for the celebration. He or she will convey such a warm, personal presence that you'll almost forget that the celebrant is coming to you via video recording.

Next, if your elect to feature them, our celebrant will introduce a song you've chosen to set the tone and/or narrate your favorite readings as they scroll down the screen. Then, he or she will introduce a time for personal remembrances. We'll help you pick background songs to play softly while people are offering their remembrances.

When everyone who cares to speak has done so, you'll cue the beautiful LifeWellLived™ Celebration Video - the ideal centerpiece of your memorial celebration.

When you purchase a Virtual Memorial Celebration™, we'll produce every segment of that celebration in separate video chapters you can cue by pressing a button on your keyboard, touchscreen, or remote. You can then gather people anywhere, anytime, as many times as you like and celebrate your loved one.

After you've viewed your LifeWellLived™ Celebration Video, our celebrant will return to offer a beautiful reflection on your loved one's legacy and encourage your guests to carry that legacy forward in their lives. If you request it, he or she will even close the memorial celebration with a final thanksgiving, quote, or prayer as befits your loved one's approach to life. As your guests mingle, your chosen music will play with a few more images and quotes from the life narrative. That final segment can loop on its own or you can loop the LifeWellLived® Celebration Video as your guests enjoy refreshments.

Let us craft a custom Virtual Memorial Celebration™ for you. It will be more personal than any memorial service or funeral you've ever attended. People will be asking you for copies of the LifeWellLived® Celebration Video and Virtual Memorial Celebration™ for years to come. It will become a family heirloom to future generations. Call us today to schedule your family consult!

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About Us

LifeWellLived was created to serve anyone who is anticipating, experiencing, or grieving the loss of someone they love. Founder and President, Darrell McGowan, is one of the most experienced professional funeral celebrants in the U.S. Vice President and Creative Director, Phil Nigash brings over twenty years of experience to helping people tell their stories. When Phil lost his beloved wife to cancer in her prime and Darrell helped him celebrate her life, the two of them began a series of conversations that gave birth to LifeWellLived.

Together, Darrell and Phil conceived of a service that would bring people together to celebrate the life of someone they loved anytime and anyplace. They wanted to facilitate three things:

1) telling someone's story as effectively as possible in a short documentary;
2) offering the services of a professional funeral celebrant to everyone, everywhere, anytime;
3) creating an online community where people can get support anytime without cost or obligation.

As they built LifeWellLived, Darrell McGowan and Phil Nigash heard from countless people who had lost someone they loved, and many of those people spoke of needing resources to help them navigate the very specific needs that arise after a loved one's death. Those conversations led to the development of the LifeWellLived Resource Center, also offered without cost or obligation.

LifeWellLived was born from grief. It was born of a desire to accompany people moving through the pain of loss. It was born of a determination to make that journey a little more bearable by helping people tell their loved one's story, celebrate their lives, and share their experience, strength, and hope with others. It was born to serve you. Thank you for allowing us to be of service.

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