Schedule a family consult

As you consider dates and times for you family consult, keep three things in mind:

1) We can contact up to three different phone numbers or Skype names simultaneously. Whose phones, tablets, or computers would you like to gather around? Make sure you have the phone numbers and/or user names for those people.

2) We need about an hour and half for your consult. What days and times work for all the people you want to participate? Please give us three different dates/times that work for everyone.

3) We want to capture your loved one in their own words or in the stories and anecdotes you remember. What sayings, phrases, or qualities do you associate with your loved one? What stories can you tell that illustrate your loved one's best attributes? We look forward to hearing all your great stories!

Once you decide that you want to proceed with a family consult, our representative will set your appointment and take a 50% deposit to hold your place in our production schedule. You're on your way to creating your amazing LifeWellLived® Celebration Video!

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