LifeWellLived Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much does a LifeWellLived Celebration Video cost?

A: A LifeWellLived Celebration Video costs $495. This includes everything you see in the LifeWellLived demo video - the written eulogy, voice narration, slideshow, and videos. There are no hidden fees and you will not be upcharged in any way.

Q: How many photos or videos can I send you?

A: Because we try to keep each LifeWellLived Celebration Video to between 8-10 minutes in length, we ask that you provide us with no more than 100 photographs and up to 2 minutes of video. If you would like to include more photographs or video, we ask that you keep in mind that each minute of your LifeWellLived Celebration Video equals 10 photographs on average, or one minute of video. So, for example, if you'd like to include 110 photos, we would only be able to accomodate one minute of submitted video. If, on the other hand, you would like to include an additional minute of submitted video, we could only accept 90 photographs. Under no circumstances will we be able to accept more than 110 photographs for each LifeWellLived Video Celebration project.

Q: What can we expect during a family consult?

A: We make telling your loved one's story easy! One of our online consultants will reach out to you at the time you've scheduled and help you and your family answer a series of questions from which we will build your loved one's life narrative. In about an hour, our consultant will have created a life narrative that articulates and preserves your loved one's legacy! After you've finished your consult, one of our memorial celebrants will create a recording of the life narrative for use in your LifeWellLived® Celebration Video.

Once you've answered our questions and our consultant has crafted the life narrative, we're going to record you sharing some of your best memories, funny anecdotes, and tributes. Those will become the centerpieces of your video! We will excerpt those stories as told by you and your family members so everyone can hear you tell your loved one's story in your own words as they watch memorable images that illustrate the stories you're sharing.

Q: What does LiveWellLived™ need from us after the family consult is done?

A: We'll need three things from you in addition to your family consult: We'll send you secured links to fill out a Biographical Information form, submit your pictures, and make your music choices.

The Biographical Information form covers much of the same ground our online consultant covered during your family consult. We don't require clients to fill out the form in its entirety, but we strongly recommend you do so. A fully completed Biographical Information form assures we won't miss or misstate something important.

You can upload digital photos to us through our website. Obviously, this is the fastest way to get photos to us. If you want your LifeWellLived® Celebration Video produced as quickly as possible, you'll want to do your own scanning of old photographs or have someone local do it for you so you can upload everything to us directly. Instructions for digital uploads will be provided on our secure Photo Submission page which will also be emailed to you.

We license music for use in your LifeWellLived Celebration Video. You can play the video at a public memorial service and enjoy it at home as many times as you like. You can choose from a wide variety of songs to add a unique touch to your Celebration Video.